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Robert Goulet Fake ID ReviewerThe Definitive UK Fake ID Review Site (Beware Of Imitations)

Hi everyone. I’m Robert Goulet. You may know me as the dashing Sir Lancelot in the smash 1960 Broadway hit musical Camelot. Yes, that’s right, Broadway. And that’s not Tooting Broadway. I’m treading the ethereal boards of the afterlife right now, but I’ve come to you today, not as the renowned actor and singer from the smash 1960 Broadway hit musical Camelot but as an ever roaming spirit that roams the internet, avowed and determined, just like Sir Lancelot, my character in the smash 1960 Broadway hit musical Camelot to bring you this stout, just and noble little website, one that is as brimful as my knightly codpiece with impartial information on the world of fake ID’s-both those that are legal and those that are not.

It’s illuminating stuff. Yet, before you read on, do remember and understand that all of this information is just that: information. As in I.n.f.o.r.m.a.t.i.o.n with a big fat capital ‘I’. Some of the websites that are shown as links here may offer you replica legal documents for which the purchase and intended use of is strictly illegal. Such actions could see you being heavily fined or even imprisoned for your actions. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because I am. But we’re still cool, right?

Novelty Fake ID Cards

You’ve probably been wondering where you can get a Fake ID but are concerned that you might get ripped off? And rightly so. There are a multitude of scam websites out there; some will happily sell you fake legal ID’s, others will take your money and then pretend they’ve never heard of you.

The brown stuff happens. But don’t let it happen to you.

With all that in mind, I decided to start this review site, one which would provide point of reference together with some useful information about where to buy novelty fake ID’s without being scammed. Now, word to the wise: I’ve been dead for eight years, plenty enough time to work out what makes a novelty fake ID company good or bad as well as find out the real meaning of life-and believe me, that’s a bit of an anti-climax. I can’t say anymore about that but I can advise on the fake ID card scene. I hope that the information provided here will therefore help you avoid losing money as well as protect your freedom and liberty.

Remember, that this site does not sell any fake ID’s so please don’t contact me looking for one!

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It’s. A. Fake.

Generally speaking, there are two types of fake ID sites on the internet.

Legal Novelty Fake ID sites that sell cards which are legal to own but oh-so-very illegal to use in order to misrepresent your age, status or identity.


Sites that claim to produce and sell illegal fake ID’s like fake UK Driving licences, PASS or Citizencards, passports or birth certificates. Anything, in other words, that might need to be produced or shown to prove your right or entitlement to do something else be in the act of same, purchase or travel.

I can’t stress highly enough that it is strictly illegal for anyone to make or sell this type of fake identification. But, more importantly than that, it is also illegal for you to use them to falsely claim your right to what they say you can do (eg) legally drink, enter a club, drive or travel abroad.

So think about it. Those sites that claim to sell that sort of ID, how likely are they to follow up your request? Say you’ve shelled out £200 for what you know is a fake UK Driving Licence-and you never get it. Not a thing. Zilch. Nadda. Tumbleweed drifting aimlessly across the horizon infact.

What are you going to do about it then? Go running to someone to complain that you’ve been ripped off, explaining how you “…spent two hundred quid to get a fake UK Driving Licence and….” –yep, whoa there buddy, you just incriminated yourself. The rip off merchants know that once they’ve taken your money and ran, you can hardly kick up a fuss about it. So it’s a win-win situation for them whilst you end up out of pocket.

So there are good guys and bad guys. Trust me on that.

I’m Robert Goulet, and I know fake ID.


I’ve divided all the fake ID sites out there into two categories:


  • Sites that sell legal fake novelty ID’s.


  • Sites that sell (else claim to sell) illegal fake ID’s of any nature.


Beware that second category as the very great majority of them are scams. Pure and simple. However, with the advent of Bitcoin as a fairly untraceable method of online payment, some of these sites seem to be actually making good their ill-gotten promises and delivering the cards. For more information about these sites and the illegal services they claim to offer, take a look at my fake UK Driving Licence page. You can also find out more from the Menu at the top left of this page.

As I’ve already outlined, it’s easy to scam people who are looking to purchase fake ID online-that reason being if you sent some money to a site that sells illegal fake ID’s and then get ripped off, you can’t go crying to the Police about it. In other words, you’ve been had. For the criminal element behind such sites, that makes the whole illegal fake ID thing a bit of a free cash point machine for them-they set up the site and just wait to make the money from it without having to do anything in return. In a way they’re using the same tactics as drug dealers use-selling stuff that’s been watered down or even not what it says it is at all-again, no-one is going to splash their cash on some illegal drugs only to find what they’ve been given is talcum powder. They can’t go off to Citizens Advice or the Police and kick off about it.


Because of the nature of novelty fake ID cards, they are fairly easy to come across-you’re on safer ground if, for example, you spend £10 on an ID card that claims you are a member of Starfleet or a Beer Consultant and then see nothing in exchange for your money. Sure, it might be embarrassing to admit you’re into Star Trek but it’s not illegal and you will have legal grounds to recover your money.


The most important thing to remember about buying fake ID on the internet is, like just about anything else you see on there-if the product or deal you’re being offered sounds too good to be true then it most probably is.

Legal Fake ID versus Illegal Fake ID

You’re probably want to know about your own fake ID and whether or not it is illegal, right?



It is legal to make and possess an ID card that does not represent an existing institution, company or entity. So, for example, you can legitimately own a card for Springfield Clown College, the University of Life or one that claims that you are a certified Totty Inspector. Why? Because they’re not real. They really and genuinely are fake, something anyone and everyone will be perfectly aware of. They’re a novelty, good for a laugh or to give to a friend as a gift. You can, for example, make up a dozen or so that declare that you are a fully paid up member of Dave’s Stag Do (Dublin, 2016) and hand them out to everyone who goes. Well, everyone except Dave maybe. Good, harmless fun that no-one is ever going to get into trouble over.

I want a legal, novelty fake ID card

There are several sites selling legal “novelty” fake ID cards. These are cards that are not direct or 100% copies of any existing card, and as such are perfectly legal to own or possess.

Cards from £5 to £85.

What you most certainly cannot do is purchase a copy of a driving licence card which is labelled “UK Driving Licence” and then try to rent a car with it. It is also illegal to buy or own fake identification that states a name that is different to your real one or one that gives a different date of birth to your real one. It’s not exactly rocket science is it? As a rule of thumb, as long as the card is not a direct copy/imitation of an existing card or is very obviously one that is not real or legally valid, then it is almost certainly something that is legal to own.

For example, if you tried to get insurance on a car if you were only 15 by using a fake driving licence to pretend you were 19-that would be a serious crime and, quite rightly, end up with you being in a whole lot of trouble. So much trouble, infact, that you may end up with a very legal and valid ID card that declares you are doing time at one of her Maj’s finest prisons. You don’t want one of those. You also shouldn’t be looking to use an illegal fake ID card as a means of entry into an age restricted environment-for example, a pub or nightclub, before then showing that same ID to one of the bar staff in order to buy a round of Jagerbombs when you’re only 12 and should be sticking to Sunny D. It’s a crime, pure and simple. You’ll get found out and you’ll get done, no two ways about it. But it won’t only be you that gets into trouble because there’s every possibility the person that served you will as well as the owner of the environment. Are you that keen to be seen as the ultimate party pooper whose fake novelty ID card states that he is officially a ‘Johnny No Mates’? Thought not.

But hey, talking of rocket science, you could get yourself a white coat, take a photo of yourself in it then get a card that claims that you are indeed a ‘rocket scientist’. Just don’t try to get a job as one using it, that’s all.

It is simple for someone to set up a fake ID site and offer illegal cards like driving licences and fake PASS cards. But what happens if they don’t deliver? Then you’ve £20 or even up to £100, with no way of ever getting it back.
Don’t get mugged – see our trusted UK and USA site lists for verified, trusted vendors who are guaranteed to supply your fake ID. We also maintain the largest list scam sites on the web, updated weekly.
We don’t sell any fake IDs here, instead, we’ve created a detailed, helpful set of pages to help you avoid losing your money to fake ID scammers.
All information provided here is just that information. Any decision you make to buy a fake ID is yours.

I want a fake, illegal UK DVLA driving licence

This site seems to be legit (based on reviews at
Replica fake DVLA cards from £40 to £60. Bitcoin only.
The sites below are mostly scams, read more here, or visit the sites below at your own risk
Most Likely Scammers
(this now redirects to, see above)
We don’t know if these are scammers or not
Flawless Fake IDs
Using any of these sites is probably illegal. Should you be caught by the police with a fake driving licence, you face stiff penalties and possibly prison for usi

I want to buy an illegal copy of fake PASS card

Citizen Cards or Secondary ID with PASS holograms
Seem to be legit (based on reviews at
UK Novelty ID
Replica CitizenCards, Student and NUS cards. From £15 to £30. Bitcoin only.
Reproduction of the PASS logo or PASS hologram is trademark infringement and is illegal. Possession of these cards is probably illegal too.

I want an Illegal Fake Passport

Sites offering fake passports are all scams, read more here.
Passports are very difficult to forge unless you are a nation state looking to commit extrajudicial assassinations and other japery. Passports have many different security
features (PDF) all incredibly complex and impossible for your local friendly forger to knock off on his HP deskjet.
Anyone offering fake passports is either
a) a government operated honeypot trap
b) an identity thief looking for full personal details to scam you with
c) an outright scammer just looking for money


If, like me, you went online to get a fake ID, you’ve probably see that there are just loads of scam sites out there, and it’s hard to know which sites are legit and which are going to take your money. I’ve done lots of research and I know which sites are real and which sites are scams. I started this review site so you can avoid being
scammed when choosing a fake ID site. It’s also important to know that some sites will provide you with illegal fake IDs. If you get caught by the police with one of there can be serious consequences.

There’s two kinds of ID sites online

Legal fake ID sites These sites sell “novelty” or completely made up ID cards. These are not illegal to make or own, but it is probably illegal for you to lie or misrepresent
yourself with one of the cards.
Illegal fake ID sites either say they sell or actually sell fake UK driving licences, or other illegal identical copies of existing ID cards. You might get what you ordered of these sites, but the quality will never be 100% exactly like the originals.
Anyone making these cards is breaking the law, anyone buying these cards is breaking the law. You can guess from this that it is far more likely you’ll get a card from the legal novelty fake ID sites. If you get ripped off by one of the sites selling illegal fake ID, you have absolutely no recourse. You can’t complain to the police, can you?
However, the popularity of Bitcoin has brought the potentially untraceable sale or purchase of illegal fake ID cards closer to reality. As a result, some sites advertising fake driving licences seem to actually be delivering the products they offer. Read the fake UK driving licence page for information.

Fake ID Scams

It’s so easy to scam people that are looking for fake ID on the internet. The thing is, if you send money to an illegal fake ID site, and you get ripped off, you can’t really
complain to the police about it. This is why you see lots of sites that say they sell fake driving licences, passports etc – making, buying or owning a fake UK driving
licence or passport is a serious crime, so you can’t go to the cops if they send you nothing. It’s the same principle that drug dealers use, they can sell stepped on drugs,
cocaine cut with baby powder and so on, and there’s no citizen’s advice handy in the event you get ripped off. There are some ways to get good, legal fake ID, but there real way to be guaranteed that you will get a fake passport or fake driving licence.

Legal Fake ID and Illegal Fake ID

“So, what makes my fake ID legal or illegal?” The fact is, it is legal to make an ID card that does not represent an actual college, institution, agency or entity.. You can
legitimately make up a card for “Manchester Clown College” and call yourself a clown. However, you can’t legally make yourself a copy of a driving licence card called Driving Licence” and get insurance on a car with it, let alone drive legally with it. It is also legal to buy or own fake identification that says your name is different to your or that your date of birth is different to what it really is. As long as the card is not a direct copy of an existing card, or is an obvious imitation, trying to look like an existing
card, then it should be legal to own.
Where it usually becomes illegal is if you try to use the card to misrepresent yourself. So, if you tried to get insurance on a car
when you were 15, using a fake driving licence to pretend you were 19 would be a serious crime. Or, visiting an age restricted establishment – like a bar, nightclub event – and showing your fake ID to the guy behind the bar to buy a round of Sambucas, when in fact you’re actually only 12, would be a crime too.
You get in trouble, the bar gets in trouble, no-one gets their shots. For shame.

Nothing on this site is qualified legal advice. If you find yourself confused or unsure, contact a lawyer or solicitor.