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Hi there, hip cats. I am the ghost of Robert Goulet, renowned actor and singer. My incorporeal spirit force roams the world wide web, and I come to you now with a lovely little website chock full of impartial information and advice on the topic of fake ID both legal and illegal.

Hey there, daddy-o! Before you read on, understand that all this information is just that, information. Some of the sites linked here may offer you illegal documents. You could end up fined, imprisoned, or depending where you live, forced through a fine mesh for your crimes if you are found guilty.

This site does not sell Fake ID – so please do not ask!


Have you ever wondered where to get Fake ID, but been worried about the multitude of scam sites out there? So have I, that’s why I started this review site; to provide a good starting point for where to buy fake ID, a fake driving licence or student cards whilst avoiding being scammed. I’ve been dead for seven years, and in that time, I’ve been able to work out what makes a fake ID company good, as well as spot the signs of a scam site. I hope that the info here will help you to avoid losing money.

This site doesn’t sell any fake IDs, so please don’t email me looking for a fake ID!

Broadly speaking, there are two types of fake ID sites on the internet

Legal fake ID sites sell cards that are legal to own, but illegal to use to misrepresent your age or status,


Sites that sell (or say they do) illegal fake IDs like fake UK driving licences, fake passports or birth certificates.

It’s illegal for anyone to make or sell this type of fake identification, and It’s illegal for you to buy or possess it. And, of course, it’s illegal for you to use them to drive or lie about your age. With this in mind, you can see that you are far more likely to actually get a card from the legal fake ID sites. You can also deduct that if you go to buy a fake driving licence online, there’s a good chance you will get ripped off. On this site I have divided all the fake ID sites out there into two sections

  • Sites that sell legal fake ID
  • Sites that sell (or say they sell) illegal fake ID

In the second category, the vast majority are scams. However with the advent of Bitcoin as a fairly untraceable method of payment, some sites selling illegal fake driving licences actually seem to be delivering cards. Read the fake UK driving licence page for information.

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Fake ID Scams

It’s so easy to scam people that are looking for fake ID on the internet. The thing is, if you send money to an illegal fake ID site, and you get ripped off, you can’t really complain to the police about it. This is why you see lots of sites that say they sell fake driving licences, passports etc – making, buying or owning a fake UK driving licence or passport is a serious crime, so you can’t go to the cops if they send you nothing. It’s the same principle that drug dealers use, they can sell stepped0n drugs, cocaine cut with baby powder and so on, and there’s no citizen’s advice handy in the event you get ripped off. There are some ways to get good, legal fake ID, but there is no real way to be guaranteed that you will get a fake passport or fake driving licence.

This is the most important thing to remember about buying fake ID on the internet, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Legal Fake ID and Illegal Fake ID

“So, what makes my fake ID legal or illegal?” The fact is, it is legal to make an ID card that does not represent an existing institution, company or entity. You can legitimately make up a card for “Springfield Clown College” and call yourself a clown. However, you can’t legally make yourself a copy of a driving licence card called “UK Driving Licence” and try to rent a car with it. It is also legal to buy or own fake identification that says your name is different to your own, or that your date of birth is different to what it really is. As long as the card is not a direct copy of an existing card, or is an obvious imitation, trying to look like an existing card, then it should be legal to own.Fake ID UK Where it usually becomes illegal is if you try to use the card to misrepresent yourself. So, if you tried  to get insurance on a car when you were 15, using a fake driving licence to pretend you were 19 would be a serious crime. Or, visiting an age restricted establishment – like a pub or club – and showing your fake ID to the barman in an attempt to buy a round of Jagerbombs, when you’re actually only 12, would be a crime too. You get in trouble, the bar gets in trouble, no-one gets their Jagermeister & RedBull concoction.