Here you’ll find our top picks (and not so top picks) of what can only be described as completely illegal fake ID vendors. These sites specialise in creating completely realistic, like-for-like replications of already existing ID cards, including fake driving licences, fake student cards, fake railcards, and even paper identity documents like passports and counterparts.

A big, BIG word of warning, though. Illegal fake ID means just that. It is against the law to buy, attempt to buy, or use a fake ID to deceive. Whether it’s a government official, or a bouncer outside a scummy club – it is illegal and getting caught carries heavy penalties. Anyone buying anything from these sites does so at their own risk, and we take no responsibility for what could, or might happen. This is generally why these illegal fake IDs cost considerably more than their legal, novelty equivalents.

For more information, check out our section on Fake ID Cards and the Law.