Some of you are definitely more interested in exploring the illegal side of the industry. Many of the sites in the darker corners of the internet feature much closer replicas of official ID cards – the majority of which are designed to fool club bouncers and bar staff. But BE WARNED – cards from these sites are illegal, and their use can hold graver consequences than their novelty counterparts. Do not take the name of this website at face value – while it labels itself a novelty site, the cards it provides are in fact replicas of real UK ID.

Novelty UK ID

Price is a premium with these, as Novelty UK ID are definitely at the top end of the sector. However, with a variety of order options, and the skilful implementation of authentic PASS and Metropolitan Police logos (uh oh!) the end result simply can’t be argued with. The site includes a section for independent reviews, allowing customers to demonstrate the quality of the products and their effective uses in bars, clubs and pubs across the UK.

Unlike some other sites providing a variety of customisable IDs, this site specialises in a single form of card: a Citizen Card with microtext, a UV hologram and security lines. The card features the PASS logo – this being the scheme by which the UK determines what is and is not legitimate ID. In most cases, entrances to clubs and bars will bear the same logo. The logos on the card are authentic and easily recognisable as well-known UK institutions, bolstering the feel of authenticity.

Delivery is free and discreet, with a replacement guarantee if your information is misprinted, or other issues occur. As with other sites producing these illegal IDs, orders can take 2-3 weeks to arrive post-payment. Photos on the cards appear in full colour, but to get a high quality fake ID, high-resolution shots must be provided.

Just like our other trusted websites, only the infamous cryptocurrency of bitcoin is accepted. This is probably in order to maintain the site’s anonymity.

We recommend this site for: Patient types wanting one of the best looking professional cards.

Site Layout: 4/5 – Lots of unnecessary clutter but buttons and fonts are slick and easy to understand.

Order Process: 2/5 – Complicated form procedures and a long wait for the product.

Quality of Card: 5/5 – One of the best looking cards out there. Many impressive features.

Overall: 3/5 – The end product is worth it if you can make an order. Hundreds of positive reviews.


Site Layout


Order Process


Quality of Card