The site in the following review does not produce legal fake ID cards for novelty use – far from it. UK Fakes print products that are specifically designed to fool security staff in bars and clubs and do break UK laws. If found using them you could inflict far worse troubles upon yourself than if you were using a novelty product. However, we can trust that, given your money and time, these vendors will supply your illegal purchase.

UK Fakes

Back from a short spell away from the scene, these stalwarts have returned to produce truly high quality illegal ID products; their previous printing process shortcomings now apparently resolved. Price is a premium and shipping times vary but on receipt of your ID you can see that these are just minor setbacks – these fake IDs are completely worth the wait. You’ll see why almost instantly.

UK Fakes boasts a range of high quality replications of UK IDs – including fake driving licences, fake provisional driving licences, and fake motorcycle permits. These fake IDs incorporate the exact UV inks, patterns and holograms used in these driving licences and other ID cards. The holograms stand out on any initial inspections of your fake ID, and the UV print will show up under any further scrutiny with black lights and other methods. The professional templates are a closely guarded secret, but we can guarantee that they do not disappoint in terms of their uncanny resemblance to the real deal.

Order tracking is available on the UK Fakes site, along with a contact us feature to raise any queries about your order. Photos on the card are a high quality monochrome black and white, to match the UK standard for driving licenses. Orders will take 2-3 weeks to arrive once placed. The delivery service offered is exceedingly discreet, but the trade off is that returns are not offered – as this would compromise the site’s anonymity – instead, if you encounter problems with your card, UK Fakes will offer you a comparable discount on your next purchase.

As is standard for many of our trusted vendors, bitcoin is the only accepted method of payment. This helps the site and their exact replica ID production methods to remain anonymous. A guide to bitcoin use is available on the site.

We recommend this site for: Anyone who wants an almost exact replica fake ID, can afford the cost, and have the time to wait for it to be just right.

Site Layout: 4/5 – Clear, modern and straightforward. It’s a bit bland, but you know where to click to get to any product you might want.

Order Process: 3/5 – It’s a long wait for your card, and while the new printing process may well have ironed out any past shortcomings the possibility of errors will always remain.

Quality Of Card: 5/5 – The most exact copies of UK driving licenses on the market right now. No doubt about it.

Overall: 4/5 – It’s not cheap, and it’s not fast. But if you want a professional-looking and high quality product, there’s no better out there.


Site Layout


Order Process


Quality of Card



Fake Driving Licence

  • 1 Fake Driving Licence is £80.
  • 2-5 Fake Driving Licences are £75 each.
  • 6+ Fake Driving Licences are £70 each.
  • Shipping is included.

Fake Provisional Driving Licence

  • 1 Fake Provisional Driving Licence is £80.
  • 2-5 Fake Provisional Driving Licences are £75 each.
  • 6+ Fake Provisional Driving Licences are £70 each.
  • Shipping is included.