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UK-ID is a website blurring the lines between illegal IDs and novelty products – meaning your chances of getting in any kind of trouble are slightly lower than the more illegal alternatives. This reduces your risk from using an illegal product a small amount, but should still result in acquiring a good quality product.

This site carries a novelty disclaimer similar to those of other low-risk “novelty ID card” ventures, but do not be fooled. These are among the most professional-looking IDs we have ever reviewed. Unlike other vendors, many of whom sell illegal IDs,  there is a small price-drop for group orders from this website, yet the quality of all IDs in a bulk order will remain high.

The site specialises primarily in fake driving licenses, designed for use throughout the UK and Europe. With optically variable ink, holographic printing and a thoroughly-researched template, it is very difficult to tell these apart from the real thing. Sometimes, they’ve fooled us even more than fake drivers licences printed by other fake ID vendors!

Unfortunately, UK-ID does not provide any order tracking functions, but this is unsurprisingly normal with illegal ID vendors. However, shipping via standard mail is completely free. There is also an expedited delivery option – anyone really in a rush to receive a fake ID can pay an additional fee for express return delivery.

Bitcoin is an accepted method of payment on the UK-ID site, as is standard for all of our trusted sellers. However, it looks like Bitcoin is the only accepted method of payment here – much like other illegal fake ID vendors. For anyone who hasn’t used the cryptocurrency before, fear not – a guide for newcomers is provided on the site’s order page. While it isn’t the best-looking guide, it is highly informative. However, other trusted fake ID sites have guides that are easier on the eyes.

We would recommend this site for: Anyone looking to order a high quality fake UK driving license or European driving license.

  • Site Layout: 3/5 – Simple, unexciting.
  • Order Process: 3/5 – Once you get around using Bitcoin, it’s easy!
  • Fake Driving Licence: 4/5 – Among the best.
  • Overall: 4/5 – Excellent service and products.


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