Make no mistake, the online fake ID marketplace has its fair share of problematic sites, with scammers out to take your cash at every corner. This is where we come in. We know the sites to go to for the best IDs, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

Fake ID UK

This site offers various cards at low starting prices with multiple optional extras, and they cater for both singular and group orders. Other sites offer mildly amusing joke cards alongside their more realistic pieces (e.g. you may order a ‘sex instructor’ card while getting something resembling a driving license), but here they retain a more professional style on their site and simply offer realistic facsimiles of typical IDs.

The cards come with a holographic UV layer as standard; somewhat of a bargain considering the premium other sites attach to adding this optional extra. Their templates are sophisticated yet unremarkable enough that they do not draw attention to themselves. Also incorporated is a subtle repeating microtext pattern, so as to retain the image of being a real ID even under some closer scrutiny. Other features available depending on your chosen card include banknote-style line security and customisable barcodes – but be wary! Like options on a German car, these seemingly small additions can quickly stack up, and soon you’re shelling out nearly double the original price!

Free order tracking is included as standard, and the security procedures throughout the order process lend peace of mind. More importantly, at any point in time you can find out precisely where your card is and how soon it will be delivered. Your photo will be printed in whatever quality you are able to upload it in, with .tiff images producing especially clear and crisp results.

This business has been in the industry for over a decade, and accepts payments through all traditional methods. The most attractive of these is probably to pay by bitcoin, as this means you’ll get your order posted out the next business day. With such experience and high quality service you can see why Fake ID UK sells not just to the UK market, but places like the US and Amsterdam too.

We recommend this site for: First time buyers, anyone cautious after being scammed in the past, international buyers, groups and anyone that’s just curious about the scene.

Site Layout: 4/5 – Very professional and easy to navigate.

Order Process: 4/5 – Easy payment and fast delivery are excellent. Those extras can really add up, though…

National ID Card: 4/5 – We all know what this is supposed to be. While no fake ID is going to pass every test, this one does make a pretty good effort.

Overall: 4/5 – There are better fake ID makers out there, but a lot of them are difficult to tell from scammers. This site might not be the best, but it’s at least honest – you get what you pay for.


Site Layout


Order Process


Quality of Card