Buying fake IDs on the internet can seem like a threatening prospect, riddled with confusion and the possibility of being conned or ending up with a shoddy product. What we’re aiming to do is provide you with recommendations of sites you can trust, based on our years of experience in the fake ID industry.

Without besmirching other novelty ID sites out there, this site is very likely to be one of the best vendors in this less risky area of the industry. They offer a large variety of cards at price points to suit all consumers, yet match the industry standard for group offers at the same time. While these might technically be described as novelty cards, they’re certainly no joke!

The printing techniques used on these cards far outstrip any home efforts we’ve seen other places come up with, and they have even been cited online as being more effective than products from some illegal vendors. The cards incorporate some cool detailed features, such as custom engraving and holograms that are unique to each individual card. Other optional features include country codes which can be edited to match your location, gold security ink to make logos on the card appear more authentic, and a range of appropriate UV security images to match the ones used on real cards you may have seen before.

Postage – much like the cards themselves – can be fine-tuned to your financial situation. FedEx FastID tracked delivery is available should you wish for the extra piece of mind, and is guaranteed to reach anywhere in North America or Europe in under 5 days. Or, you can save some money and trust in the frugality of free delivery via standard mail.

As is standard for our recommended sites, payment can be sent through bitcoin, alongside the more traditional method of cash. However, this website goes the extra mile in that respect and incorporates a full guide to getting started with bitcoin for those of you who might not be so familiar with this fairly newfangled currency. Should these methods not suit you, the site provides a contact us facility through which any further queries can be raised, including arranging payment in any global currencies not mentioned on the site already.

We Recommend This For: Anyone from outside of the UK, ideally in groups.

Site Layout: 3/5 – Functional and clear, easy to follow, but nothing special.

Order Process: 4/5 – Puts effort in to make the payment methods clearer and accommodate special requests.

European Driving Permit: 5/5 – Many impressive security features to match the standard for real cards.

Overall: 4/5 – Reliable to order from with an impressive product.


Site Layout


Order Process


Quality of Card