The online ID marketplace can be a real minefield for a new customer. Fortunately, over our years in the industry, we have built up great deal of knowledge on trusted fake ID sites.

These highly esteemed fake ID vendors provide really attractive bargain deals on orders of multiple IDs, and a range of designs incorporating both the hilarious and the authentic. You could buy you and your friends ID cards and throw in an ‘official superhero’ one for your little brother free of charge – pretty cool, right? At the same time, their more serious driving license and citizen card templates are authentic-looking and well designed. They even offer a student card design to potentially bag yourself all the discounts that come with one of those.

The cards are first printed with a high definition printer and then have a UV layer applied over the top to incorporate a hidden light-sensitive pattern. Their attention to detail is such that different hidden patterns are applied to each side – there are no half measures here. The microtext layer is also clear and defined alongside the hologram. The holographic image is different for each style of card and shares its design with other local and European permits you may have seen before.

Order tracking services are available free of charge, and cards can be delivered within 7-10 days using their standard shipping service, or as quickly as 5 days should you wish to pay a small fee for their express service. Photos can be uploaded digitally, and can be printed in colour or black and white to adapt your personal fake ID to any local trends. Any errors on your card once you receive it (though this is highly unlikely) can be rectified completely free – just email them after receipt.

Payment can be made through bitcoin, alongside more traditional methods. myfakeid also often throw in free gifts, such as UV pens and lights to demonstrate how effective their techniques are. Interest in myfakeid continues to grow, and uses of their cards have spread as far as America and Norway! Additionally, the site offers a great resource on further information about the culture of fake IDs and the danger of buying illegal IDs.

We recommend this site for: Groups of friends ordering ID together or cautious first-time buyers.

  • Site Layout: 3/5  Easy enough to navigate, but a bit 2003 in its appearance.
  • Order Process: 4/5 – Plenty of customisable options clearly advertised. Order tracking is always welcome.
  • International Driving License: 4/5 – Not an exact replica, but will easily fool plenty.
  • Overall: 4/5 – High quality service with a great end product.


Site Layout


Order Process


Quality of Card